About Us

Hey there!

I'm so glad you've found your way to Amaris and Chaya – where every doll has a story, just like every child does. As a proud black mama, I'm all about celebrating the beautiful tapestry of skin tones and backgrounds that make our world so vibrant.

Here at Amaris and Chaya, we're all about inclusion and positivity. Our dolls aren't just toys – they're friends who reflect the diversity of our communities. From rich ebony hues to creamy alabaster tones, our dolls come in all shades and backgrounds, because every child deserves to see themselves represented.
But it's not just about looking like you – it's about the magic of imagination. Our dolls open up a world of possibilities, where kids can see themselves in stories of adventure, friendship, and endless possibilities. Whether they're cuddling up with a doll that looks just like them or exploring new worlds with one that doesn't, every playtime is a chance to celebrate the beauty of diversity.
So come on in, join our family, and let's spread some joy together. Because when we celebrate our differences, we all shine a little brighter.