• Representation

    we understand that dolls are more than just toys—they are mirrors reflecting the diverse world we live in.
  • Affirmation

    Through our commitment to affirmation, we aim to inspire a generation of confident, resilient, and compassionate individuals.
  • Education

    we believe that dolls can be powerful tools for education, helping children explore and understand the world around them.
  • Fun

    Through our commitment to fun, we aim to bring laughter, happiness, and unforgettable memories to every child’s playtime.
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representation matters

Diverse Dolls

Diverse Dolls for Little Souls: Embrace Every Hue and Culture!

Diverse Dolls

Positive Affirmations

Backpacks & Totes

Positive affirmation bags and backpacks that allow you to never be without the afirmations that enrich, support and fuel your everday positively.


Positive Homewear

Cushion Covers

Get comfy and uplifted with our cheerful affirmation cushion covers!


Positivity everywhere you go

Affirmation Accessories

Turn Your Day Around with our Motivational Must-Haves - Perfect for Anywhere, Anytime!

Affirm Treasures

About Us

Here at Amaris & Chaya, we're all about inclusion and positivity. Our dolls aren't just toy - they're friends who reflect the diversity of our communities. From rich ebony hues to creamy alabaster tomes, our dolls come in many shades and backgrounds, because every child deserves to see themselves represented.

But it's not just about looking like you - its about the magic of imagination. Our dolls open up a world of possibilities, where kids can see themselves in stories of adventure, friendship, and endless possibilities. Whether they're cuddling up with a doll that looks just like them or exploring new worlds with one that doesn't, every playtime is a chance to celebrate the beauty of diversity.